The Fashion Shoot is perfect for models, designers, boutique owners & fashion blogger. There are 4 types of Fashion Shoots: Editorial, High Fashion, Catalogue and Street Fashion.  Our photographer will deign the perfect shoot for exactly what you need.

Designed for Professional models, the Studio Pro Model shoot is now offered for private clients who would enjoy a true Professional Modeling Shoot Experience. The goal is to create dynamic portfolio images that showcase the model as a professional working model highlighting their specific genre(s) and range within. Studio, Standard, Destination & Creative.

Styles include:  Live performance: concerts, streets, night clubs.

Portraiture: highlights musician, style and instrument(s).  Lifestyle: Musican & Band in environments that speak to the bands lifestyle both casual or highly creative. The band walking across a bridge, in the subway, on a mountaintop, in a greenroom.

Couture portraiture is a Traditional favorite for those seeking gorgeous images that make a statement of their value and legacy. Legacy portraits that are cherished for generations to come, showcasing the subject with an allure that is of value, wisdom and attractiveness via charismatic styling.

Designers necessity. This shoot is a way to showcase both style of the apparel or product and the lifestyle of those using it. LookBook shoots can be a comprehensive mix of product shoot, lifestyle shoot and function shoot.

The Product photography shoot is an essential for anyone who needs to feature an item. We will customize your shoot based on the purpose of your image & brand needs  ie: products on Amazon will be photographed differently than those on Etsy. Your brand may require specific backgrounds, sets, moods and styling. Ask about our Product Shoot Packages.

Our Headshot Sessions are designed to bring everything you wish to convey to the viewer about yourself in one simply gorgeous image. There are a variety of Types of Headshots: Commercial, Theatrical , Pageant, Glamour, Environmental and Iconic.  We will design the perfect Headshot session or what you need & desire. 

Editorial, Tutorial, Competition, Fine Art, Catalogue. The body is the focus as well as the function & features to best create images that tell a story, teach a fitness technique, showcase muscle tone, create compelling fine art imagery or sell a product: apparel or fitness equipment or environments.

Storybook Sessions are Barbara's signature session for children. This session is always custom created for each family. The children will be given an opportunity to play in creative natural settings which will include props and attire that set the stage for their Story. The Session is just about the most precious session with image results to cherish always!

If you are seeking to enhance your dating profile with photos that tell a little more about you than words can effectively describe, this is your shoot. Wardrobe, hair and make-up styling so you will look and feel your very best. Creating images that showcase what life would be like with you: drinking coffee, at the beach, night on the town, sports, shopping, art, etc etc

The Corporate Headshot is your statement about your personality and your positioning in the company you represent.  Your headshot is today your very FIRST impression and is considered to be your personal statement of how you see yourself as a professional.  Three choices: Traditional, Outdoor and Environmental ( in work environment ).

Businesses and Venues everywhere are recognizing that clients are making decisions based on the online presentation of their space. We offer photography that will showcase the essentials and ambiance of your space with compelling details that appeal to your perfect customer. Ask about our Preview & Staging Consultations.

 Our Beauty Photo Sessions are perfect for those seeking a dynamic glamorous closeup of face, hair, neckline: usually desired by private clients, models, companies, bloggers focused on the beauty via cosmetics, skin care, hair, facial features...  Sessions are designed as either Editorial Beauty, Glamour Beauty, Natural Beauty, Celebrity Beauty, etc.

The Adventure Shoot is a custom designed session for those who are interested in images that feature them participating in a particular adventure casual or extreme: hiking, kyacking, ziplining, motor sports, cliff diving, etc.

It tells a story about the subject and highlights the enjoyment and challenges throughout an adventure. 

 Teen Style Sessions are all about the character and personalities of the teen. We create a custom themed photoshoot after getting to know more about the teenager, it can revolve around their love for music, dance, sports, computers, animals, nature, adventure...We create images that highlight the unique and special gift within each individual.

For your eyes only. Every woman is beautiful, there are sensualities & simplicities...unique and alluring features that are always breathtaking..most women never recognize the subtle things that are most captivating, in this shoot, I show them. Is it her neckline, her torso, the way her hands touch her face, her eyes, her laughter, he way she feels inside...

The Real Estate Photo Shoot is an essential in today's market. Clients preview and many times purchase a property via online photographs and video walk-throughs. Quality photographs are a must. Our team is comprised of real estate professionals that can showcase the unique & special features of each home that attract the right buyers.